TV Aerials – UHF Vs VHF – Ireland Leaning

As discussed in the intro, both UHF and VHF TELEVISION Aerials remain in use currently to obtain all the earthbound TELEVISION terminals in Ireland. Approximately last October these were utilized to pick up the analogue TV signal however since then the transmissions have actually been broadcast in both electronic as well as analogue.

This is the whole essence of the concern. To understand this, we will certainly require to go into a little background of TELEVISION signal in this site for being transmitted in Ireland.

Previously and up until 2012 the analogue TELEVISION signal in Ireland was/ will be broadcast in both UHF and VHF regularities. The National TELEVISION terminals (RTE1 & RTE2) needed to be grabbed making use of a VHF TV Aerial. TV3 & TG4 needed to be received utilizing a UHF Aerial.

This was (and still is) a little unpleasant for a number of factors.

1. You needed 2 aerials to get the residential TELEVISION networks and possibly some type of signal combiner.

2. The signal for both UHF as well as VHF relying on where you are/ were in the country could be trial and error as a result of the nature of the analogue signal as well as also your location.

Within both type of aerials, then you had various variations of that specific design. You could have chosen a 4 or 7 component VHF aerial depending on your signal strength and also from a variety of 7 various UHF aerials based upon their grouping, Team A Red as an example for use with the Mount Leinster transmitter as well as likewise you needed to make a decision between a contract or grid type additionally

It was a fairly challenging set up needing some technical knowledge and definitely except the uninitiated Do It Yourself self installer.

The good news though (except VHF TV Aerial manufacturers though!) is that the brand-new electronic TV service that went officially online last October is just being broadcast on UHF. This makes matters a lot much more easy for installers as well as DIY sets up alike.

Essentially if you wish to get the DTT signal currently, all you have to do is have a Digital Television receiver that is HD and also MPEG4 compatible or a Television of the same specification. The is still the organizing problem with the UHF TELEVISION Aerilas however in justness to the DTT signal, it is so solid that the substantial bulk of people will get away with using a wideband UHF aerial and not need to trouble with specific aerials for details transmitters.

It’s not all poor information for VFH. The new DAB Radio service in Ireland is transmitting in VHF, so you will certainly still require to have a VHF BIT Radio Aerial to obtain the new channels.

There are no instant plans to move from the present medium wave/ FM established that we are all knowledgeable about so there has not been a substantial uptake so far on the DAB radio channels yet from a ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ point of view for the VHF TV Aerial, at least it will have some future in Ireland even if it’s not as popular as it made use of to be.

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