The most important mistakes that keep us from losing weight

Ekaterina Stepanova, a specialist in preventive medicine, explained specially for Sputnik how to lose weight so that kilograms do not return.

As soon as time approaches the warmth, we swear to lose weight – to squeeze into a dress, surprise a loved one, just change ourselves. But it turns out that it is not always. And it is even more frustrating when a couple of lost kilograms are followed by a few new ones. Why can’t we lose weight, what mistakes don’t let us do it?

The speed at which you lose weight.

You can’t lose weight quickly, you need to lose weight safely. Allowed to lose weight not more than 10% in 3 months from the original. Everything in the body counts on body weight – stress hormones, pleasure hormones, minerals with vitamins, etc.

Therefore, when the body starts to lose weight sharply, the rhythm of biochemical processes is disrupted and the acid-alkaline balance in the body (pH-environment) changes dramatically because of the large number of unoxidized residues, and this can be a serious threat to life.

A chain of pathological reactions is triggered, internal secretion glands are affected, the CNS failure begins and continues.

Sharp decline in calorie intake.

A primary reduction in calorie intake of only 25% of the previous diet is permissible! Our brain is very sensitive to energy loss, and it is contained in fats and carbohydrates. Less than 600 kcal a day should not be. This is a non-combustible resource of the body, without which it will begin to degrade physically after some time.

Glucose cannot be sharply restricted – it is a food for the brain and without it serotonin is not produced, as a consequence will suffer from CNS.

There will be a decrease in physical activity, there may be problems of cardiovascular nature.

Reducing calorie intake will cause glycogen consumption (strategic energy potential) in the liver, and it will start to retain fat. Statistically, hungry people are many times more likely to acquire fatty liver dystrophy that turns into cirrhosis.

And of course, the increase in intoxication of the body, as the liver is an organ that neutralizes fat-soluble toxins.

Disturbance of fat metabolism in the liver will cause the formation of atherosclerotic plaques.

It can also lead to the destruction of muscles and ligaments. The body will extract energy for itself from anything that can produce glucose.

Prolonged heavy physical activity in overweight mode.

To get to the right weight through exercise, it is important: what do you eat, when you eat, how the food is cooked and what exercise do you give the body. Otherwise, overweight will be defeated in the fight against overweight: the body simply will not give it away, will leave a reserve for itself. The formula “spent more than bought” will not work for a long time.

Fat-free diet.

In addition to the fact that fat is a source of energy, it also makes up about 60% of the brain, fat enters the sex hormone matrix and partially repairs blood vessels.

According to the law of energy acquisition and preservation by the body, if there is no fat, it will be replaced by sweet (another source of energy), which jeopardizes the health of the pancreas.

Fatty acids are part of the myelinic membranes of the nerves, so the depletion of fat reserves can lead to neuroses, as well as uncontrolled appetite (bulimia). This is regulated by the brain.

Such a diet is possible for a very short period of time at very high numbers of own cholesterol.

Lack of clean water in the body.

Since we are about 70% water and all metabolic processes take place in the water environment, it is clear that the lack of the main component of the process will slow it down. The weight will either stand or be reduced by the minimum figures.

Monodiets for more than 3 days.

Our body needs amino acids, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and polyunsaturated fatty acids for life. No monodieta can not make up for it, so failures in the body will not make you wait.

Missed meals.

Meals for weight correction should be at least 5 times a day to avoid hungry stress. Dinner should never be skipped. If you remove the dinner sharply, there will be a hungry sleep, which will lead to a failure of the CNS, as in the sleep are active processes, including repairing the immune system, produced hormones. This requires energy.

Incorrectly cooked food.

Many products that have undergone heat treatment change their properties and glycemic index. And there are also archival recipes.

The word “diet” does not mean “ill health”. Diet is a certain diet and a set of rules. Remember this and be healthy!

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