Is CBD Oil Really Good?

CBD Oil is here to stay

Social networks and the Internet abound with news about a new trend in cosmetics and in the treatment of muscle and joint pain.

Indeed, it is CBD, a natural compound found in the resinous flower of hemp that has left no one indifferent.

Thousands of years ago it was already conceived as a medicine, but it is not until now that many scientists have begun to use it for its therapeutic properties and it is already part of natural cosmetics and beauty routines.

Oils, cosmetics, lotions, and balms… are some of the most common uses of CBD.

What is CBD and how is it different from THC?

CBD and THC are the most famous components of hemp.

THC is the psychoactive ingredient and CBD is that principle that has all the benefits of medical hemp and is revolutionizing the perception of hemp worldwide.

Hemp has always been associated with psychological and physiological effects caused by the high THC content, but on the contrary, CBD does not awaken these psychoactive effects, does not alter our brain capacities, and counteracts the psychoactive effects of THC.

That is why you can be calm, the CBD is the part of the hemp which calms, but

does not cause psychotropic effects (not stoned).


There are many therapeutic properties found in CBD oil, but here are the 5 best therapeutic properties:

  • Anxiolytic: One of the most common problems in the day-to-day life of society and that directly affects the quality of life is insomnia and anxiety. CBD helps us to promote a state of relaxation, relieving anxiety and stress and improving sleep disorders.
  • Anti-inflammatory: Many athletes and active people are resorting to the use of CBD oil as it helps reduce muscle pain and inflammation after exercise. So, in case you have any inflammation, CBD oil will be a great ally to reduce these discomforts.
  • Antioxidant: In our body, there are daily biological reactions known as free radicals that are the cause of skin aging. The antioxidant properties of CBD are perfect to combat wrinkles and significantly reduce the signs of aging.
  • Neuroprotective: Some studies indicate that CBD has neuroprotective properties, being ideal for the treatment of neurological conditions such as Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease.
  • Analgesic: CBD oil acts as an analgesic because it frees us from the sensation of pain and allows us to make life easier.

How is CBD oil used on the skin?

Now that you know the main properties of CBD and what are the different ways to use it in natural cosmetics, it is time to talk about the properties that CBD oil has for our skin since it is the only regulated use in Spain.

These are the main properties that CBD has for our skin:

  • Soothing: It calms our skin and helps it recover from aggressions such as sun exposure.
  • Helps with acne: Since acne is an inflammatory condition, it helps us to reduce redness, outbreaks, and the healing process.
  • Antioxidant: It helps us to diminish wrinkles and fine lines, as well as to unify our skin tone.
  • Non-invasive: CBD oil only affects the problematic cells and that is why it is not an invasive treatment that makes our skin irritated or dry.
  • Helps with skin diseases: It can be of great help against eczema, atopic dermatitis, and psoriasis.

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