How to turn a body into a gym

Many people are skeptical about the exercises with their own weight, but they do not take into account the fact that in order to increase the strength of the barbell does not necessarily have to pull the bar without end, the main thing – to be able to work on themselves. Here are 5 tips on how to do it as effectively as possible.

no matter what they say, taking care of your physical fitness makes you addicted. For example, you need to eat squirrels and go to the gym all the time.

Leaving, falling in love, deadlines and other life’s twists and turns breaks the schedule, knocking you out of your way. And if you can solve your nutrition problems even in the Gobi desert, without regular visits to the barbell you will lose everything you’ve been saving up for many years with hard physical work. Not very happy, right?

Fortunately, there is a way to free ourselves from iron slavery without losing our athletic condition – we are talking about training with our own body.

There is a good chance that the entire concept of power training will change in the near future. For years, experts have argued that exercises with their own weight (they are calisthenics) – this is just plan B, when you do not have access to the gym.

Everybody thought that calisthenics was an excellent tool for developing endurance and increasing the effectiveness of metabolic programs and was nothing more than an initial step on the way to increasing strength.

“That’s the way it is,” agrees our expert BJ Gaddour, a certified coach and author of Your Body is Your Bar, “but the truth is that exercises with your body weight can be no less effective than a loaded bar.

Did you squint? Listen to Gaddour’s arguments: “Many guys don’t get the desired return on their exercises without equipment, because they misunderstand them. If they had stopped doing these endless hundreds of repetitions and found the most difficult variants of the usual exercises, in which even 5-10 repetitions are difficult to do, it would have been different.

How else would you do that? And here’s how it works: Calisthenics will provide you with everything you can get from fitness: a powerful, dry, muscular, but also tough and flexible body – without even touching the iron.

And in the end, you will not look like a Hulk (the green monster) or a sweaty laggard, but like a sports gymnast, boxer, MMA fighter or special forces officer.

Is it bad? The whole point is how to use an instrument such as your own weight. And today we will tell you five secrets of training without equipment.

Review your diet

Calisthenics forms a completely different body pattern than, say, weightlifting or powerlifting. In power sports,” Gaddour teaches, “the heavier the athlete, the more he can lift. It’s not just the muscle mass, but the total mass in general, which increases your ability to speed up the projectile. That’s why power training fans have no particular motivation to keep an eye on the diet.

Those who prefer to work with their own weight have to do differently. After all, an extra ten kilograms of weight will not only spoil the figure, but also ironically limit your performance in kalisteniki. This is like wearing a heavy vest all the time.

The main and, perhaps, the only way to increase the intensity in the kalistenics – the complexity of exercises. And if you weigh, say, more than 80 kilograms, not all the complex exercises will be available to you (for example, the same pull-ups and push-ups on one hand).

Simple weight lifts can lead to injuries to the elbows. Therefore, it is in your interest to get rid of excess weight as soon as possible. And the exercises themselves, without the help of a diet, will not help you do this.

The main thing is to remove sugar from your diet, especially in liquid form. No sodas, sweet juices and even more poisonous coke. In addition, solve the problem of protein consumption. It is believed that the healthy protein rate per day for the average person is only 56 grams.

Gaddour advises to increase this rate at least twice as much. A recent USDA study found that people who consumed more protein lost more fat and remained more muscular than those who did not follow a high-protein diet.

Carbohydrates should be treated the other way around – reducing their consumption to about 100 grams per day. And make sure that most of the carbohydrates that you do not get from vegetables, you absorb only after training.

The main priority is power!

Gaddour points to a general misunderstanding: “To grow muscle mass, you have to lift very high weights. But this is only a theory, in practice your body is not able to distinguish between a barbell and a barbell.

All that muscles feel is the contraction and the time of being under stress. “As long as the exercise remains difficult in itself, there is no need to add weight,” Gaddour said.

Think about it next time you do another hundred push-ups. It will be much more useful to rearrange this exercise so that even 5-10 repetitions will seem to you a great achievement. To learn how to make a lung difficult, read the Four Ways to Make Life Harder in this article.