2109 Fitness trends

For 13 consecutive years, the American College of Sports Medicine has been conducting a survey of professional coaches and healthcare professionals on trends in fitness.

At the beginning of the year, the organization asked 2,000 professionals around the world what fitness trends would be promoted in 2019. We are talking about the top 8 of them.

Wearable technology

Various gadgets, trackers, smart watches, GPS devices are very popular among people who do sports.

Users of such devices measure their heart rate, track the number of steps and time of activity, and monitor the calories they eat with the help of apps during training sessions. The active use of smart fitness technologies began in 2016 and is still gaining popularity three years later.

Group training

Group training has been a leader in the list of trend trends in fitness for many years now.

They help participants with different levels of preparation to achieve a certain goal: to lose weight, improve stretching, actively train the whole body or increase endurance. Training side by side with other participants is a great motivation.

In BODYART / FITNESS there are several dozen group sessions every week, and if you also like group sessions, choose your direction and come to the training.

Highly intensive interval training or HIIT training

These are active training sessions with high exercise intensity, alternation of loads on different parts of the body and short intervals between exercises.

This format of fitness training is designed for athletes with medium and high levels of fitness. The exercise usually lasts no more than 30 minutes because of the intensive pace.

Our club also hosts 30-minute HIIT training sessions consisting of cardio and strength training. They allow you to work through the muscles of the whole body, increase endurance, accelerate metabolism and lose weight.

Personal training, including online training

Personal training with professional coaches is becoming much more accessible every year, so classes with a personal trainer, according to a study by the American College of Sports Medicine, are among the top 10 fitness trends for 13 years.

After all, the effectiveness of a personal approach in developing a training program does not require additional evidence – under the supervision of a personal trainer classes are productive and faster bring the expected results.

With the advent of gadgets, personal training also goes beyond the gym and direct contact between the athlete and coach, because for advice and advice to the coach can be contacted from anywhere in the world.

Training programs for seniors

Recently, the number of active older people who are engaged in fitness has been growing. That’s why fitness clubs, when developing training programs, also take into account this category of visitors.

Such programs are designed for participants of any age. They include moderate loads, muscle strengthening exercises, relaxation and rehabilitation exercises.

In BODYART / FITNESS, for example, this year launched a fitness program “Tonus”, which lasts 8 weeks and is designed for participants of any age and with any level of physical fitness. It includes personal and group sessions, as well as massage sessions.

Training sessions with own weight

Own weight training is quite a popular type of training because of non-standard approaches to loads and a wide range of exercises – resistance, coordination, strength. These fitness areas include various TRX-training and training on GOFLO pendant machines.

Coach Certification

More and more clubs are relying not only on experience but also on coaches’ qualifications, so coaches’ certification is also considered a trend in fitness.

After all, the presence of qualifications and a certain amount of knowledge has a positive impact on the interaction of coaches with the participants of trainings and on the sports results that athletes expect to achieve under the guidance of a coach.


Yoga is a trend for all times, which is also changing. In 2019, strength yoga, airborne yoga and other non-standard formats are added to the classic yoga classes.

The College of Sports Medicine, which conducted the survey, explains the popularity of yoga by the fact that this trend is constantly evolving and offers new interesting types of training every year.

In addition to classical yoga and vinyasa yoga in our club there is also an author’s direction of our coach Andrey Lee on the basis of Sky Yoga – training “Heavenly Dragon”.